The Alchemist – UAWD Time Attack Car – Finished Roll Cage & Paint

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So I cannot seem to find the pictures from when we picked up the car from Rally/Race Developments so we don’t have any of the before pictures of that. After picking up the car we brought the car back to the shop and arranged with our good friend Rich and body shop of choice Uni-Body Collision to bring the car over to them to have the cage painted. While we could have prepared and painted the inside ourselves the finished products would not be nearly as nice and we’d likely keep it simple with a white or black paint job. After talking with Rich we decided to do a little more and make the beautiful cage really stand out. So after dropping the car off Rich’s team got to work cleaning every inch of the cage and taping off the interior expertly so they could prime the cage.


Another thing we decided to do was to paint the engine bay in a high temp low gloss black. The engine bay had been painted white but I thought it would be much more work to keep it looking nice…as we all know white cars are the hardest to keep clean. So the guys taped it all up and painted it and I think it came out looking great and exactly as we hoped.

IMG_2560 IMG_2559 IMG_2558

We went through a bunch of colour samples at Uni-Body to compare to our vinyl wrap sample to find something that as closely matched it as possible. Rich found a very close match and they put it in the paint booth and laid down some paint. Because the cage was built so tightly to the body, as you’d want with a good cage, we weren’t sure how much coverage could be had on the upper parts of the cage. Even though no one will really ever see this the guys at Uni-Body did an amazing job to get almost complete coverage of the cage. I think it came out awesome and really makes the cage stand out in the car. Hats off to Ryan for building a beautiful and strong cage.

IMG_2562 IMG_2564 IMG_2565

Well that wasn’t it for the guys at Uni-Body. In our talks I had asked Rich what he thought of doing a 2-tone interior while the car was with them. He was all for it and even though it’s a royal PITA the guys got it done and it came out exactly as planned. When the previous owner had the car painted they only did up to the door jambs so when we stripped the car down it was still blue and it really threw the car off. We decided to paint the interior white which would even more highlight the beautiful gold cage. This is one of those jobs you definitely do not want to do yourself and it is quite costly to pay someone else to do since every part of the cage has to be taped off precisely. I can’t stress enough at how good of a job Uni-Body did and they’ve also done repair and paint work for my family and friends for a number of years. If you want paint/bodywork done right this is the place to go. No corner cutting and everything is done using the finest materials and processes.

image1 image2 image3

At this point our next steps are to begin putting in the suspension components, brake system and then drivetrain. Keep an eye out for our next updates on the project.

————————–THE MOD LIST————————-


  • Removed Full Interior, Sound Deadening, HVAC System
  • Custom Gold Painted Roll Cage with White Interior – Uni-Body Collision
  • Engine Bay Painted Low Gloss Black – Uni-Body Collision


  • Stitch/Seam Welded Chassis – Rally/Race Developments
  • Full Roll Cage – Rally/Race Developments
  • Custom Seat Mounts – Rally/Race Developments

————————–Sponsors & Supporters————————-
Rally/Race Developments

Uni-Body Collision



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