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Project Northstar 2015 Subaru WRX – CSCS 2016 Round 1

As usual in the summer it’s difficult to find time to keep up with these journal updates but hopefully I can get quicker at them.  As usual Round 1 for CSCS is hosted at Mosport Driver Develop Track in Bowmanville, Ontario.  This track was redesigned a few years ago and has become one of my personal favorite tracks to drive on.  It is one of the most technical tracks in Ontario and really rewards confident drivers.  This years event was run on May 15th and it was pretty much the craziest weather i’ve ever seen at a time attack event.  Temperatures ranged from 0 to 7 degrees celcius with a mixture of Snow, Rain and Hail.  Winds were strong enough that many, including our group, had to take down the canopies so they didn’t fly away.

The temperatures and weather made it very tricky to get tire pressures dialed in and do any sort of comparison between one session to the next.  

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Closed Sunday August 21st

We will be closed on Sunday, August 21st.

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Going from Stock to Stage 2+ on a 2011 Subaru WRX – Dyno Numbers

At Touge Tuning we strive to provide as much useful information as we can to help you understand what you’re getting when you modify your Subaru.  In this instance we took the very popular 2011 Subaru WRX and went from stock to Stage 2+ and dyno’d it between the major steps to show the gains.  This is a typical WRX which was purchased second hand from a Subaru dealer and there’s nothing really noteworthy about it’s history.  The car had around 70,000KM on it and didn’t appear to have been modded previously.  From purchase the car has been ran on Petro 94 Octane.

Enough of that though, on to the parts you came to see and read about.  So the first step was to get some baseline HP and Torque figures so we know what it came in with.  As always we called upon the services of OnPoint Dyno to provide dyno and tuning services using his AWD Dynapack System.  

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2015 WRX Project Northstar – StopTech Rear BBK

If you’ve been following the progress I’ve had with the 2015 WRX you’ll know that the stock 2-Piston Front and 1-Piston Rear Sliding Calipers were one of the areas I felt were the weakest when using the car on track.  Because of this I upgraded the fronts to a StopTech ST-40 4-piston solid forged caliper last year which made a huge difference not only in lap times but the ability to be on track longer.  The one downside to this was that without balancing the rear with more aggressive pads the fronts would cause very extreme weight transfer to the front of the car making the car want to rotate the rear end on very heavy braking.  This would not be an issue for most people upgrading just the fronts but with how hard the car is pushed on track it made for some “fun” braking at tracks with high speed heavy braking zones.

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Closed for Canada Day

We will be closed Friday July 1st, 2016 for Canada Day. Have a great holiday and weekend!

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2015 WRX Project Northstar – Stage 2+ Dyno Graph

So it’s been a long winter and there hasn’t really been any updates to the car over the winter. It ran great through the winter and the few days of snow we had I took it out for some fun in the snow. So with spring upon us it was time to make some upgrades to the car for the upcoming track season. But before we jump into that I wanted to get around to posting the dyno graph from last year of the final stage 2 set-up that I’ve been running. As previously mentioned going from catless with stock cat-back to catted with aftermarket cat-back gained a little power but a huge amount. This is probably balanced out by the cat being a restriction but the cat-back being less of a restriction compared to the stock cat-back. So below is the dyno graph which shows the WRX made 285WHP and just under 330WTQ.

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