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    We’re back Open at our new address

    We appreciate everyone’s patience while we have done a 2-3 week move in 7 days to our new location.  There’s still a lot of work to be done to finish up the transition but we’re now back open and operating.  It will likely take us the rest of the week to get caught up on old and new orders as well as emails so please be patient if you haven’t received a response yet.   Our phone number is also in the process of being ported over so we will be without a phone line for a little bit.

    Our new address is 408 Gibraltar Drive in Mississauga, the main intersection is Derry and Kennedy.  We look forward to serving you all better with our expansion and we will post full details soon.

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    Shop Closure: We’re Moving to a New Location!

    With our continued growth as a company it was inevitable that a larger location for business operations would be necessary. We found a new location a little while back and we have been working on moving things over there for the past week. In order to make the final change over we will be closed from June 20th to June 25th and we will re-open at our new location on Tuesday June 27th.

    We will not be open for pick-ups, walk-in customers and normal operations for web orders will be significantly slowed. We will try and process orders during this closure but turn around time will not be our normal sub-24 hours. If you have an emergency need please email us and indicate this so we can take appropriate action.

    We appreciate your patience during this transition and we will announce the address of the new location on Monday June 26th.

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    Project Northstar – CSCS Time Attack Round 5 – Battle for the Crown

    I’m a bit behind on keeping things updated on Northstar but I hope you’re all still interested in the progress.  This update takes place back in September of 2016 at the final round of CSCS hosted at Toronto Motorsports Park.  Going into this final round I was leading the Street AWD class by 10 points, after taking home two 1st places and one 2nd place.  All season has been back and forth against Ryan and his highly modified JDM GC8 and thus it would come down to the finale to decide the season.

    Leading up to this round the only major changes to the car was the upgrade to an STi 6-Speed Transmission and Rear Differential.  I also added a MapDCCD controller which we’ve had great success with at the shop on different cars.  The other change since the last time at TMP was that I was back on Hankook RS-3 tires instead of the Bridgestone RE-71R.  

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    Project Northstar – CSCS Time Attack Round 4 – Underdog to Upset?

    Well it’s -7 Celcius here in Mississauga today, the exact opposite of the weather back in August of this year when it was 29 Celcius in Grand Bend for Round 4.  Some of you might be wondering what happened to Round 3 of the 2016 season.  Well for unknown reasons iCar in Mirabel Quebec decided to give up the pre-booked event date to a corporate client.  The majority of competitors already had accommodations booked and time off work so this was a really big annoyance for most.  This also meant the series was cut down from 5 rounds to 4 as an alternative date could not be found in the middle of the year.  TSK TSK iCar!

    While I was looking forward to running at iCar again it was time to look forward and start planning for Round 4 at Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend,

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    “The Worlds Scariest S2000” – Appearances can be deceiving

    This is less of a journal entry and more of a cautionary tale for anybody looking to push the limits of their car or driving capabilities. What was supposed to be an exciting first time track experience quickly escalated into a spin fest in what David Pratte from Speed Academy called “The Worlds Scariest S2000”.

    When I was purchasing my S2000 one of the things I noticed the set of Falken Azenus RT615K tires it was equipped with. The tires had good tread depth, no signs of uneven wear, and were 10mm wider than the stock tire width front and back. This was great news for me, as I knew I wanted to get this car on the track for some fun right away. As I began to daydream about the various parts I could get for my car now that I didn’t need tires, the cold hard hand of reality slapped me in the face at turn 1 of Toronto Motorsports Park as my car understeered into the corner and snapped to oversteer and spun me off the track at 80 km/h.

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    Speed Academy Track Test of Project Northstar

    Some of you may have seen posts on our social media channels about me hitting the track with Speed Academy for a test of our 2015 Subaru WRX aka Project Northstar.  Well the video was released recently and I thought it would be good to post up and give you some information that may not have made it into the video.  But first take a few minutes and watch me be awkward with my hands…

    Hope that was entertaining for at least some of you.  Now I want to start by saying that Dave Pratte is not only a great driver but he’s also probably turned more laps then 99.9% of people who have driven at Toronto Motorsports Park.  He knows the track well and is very quick at getting up to speed, because of this I was pretty definitely worried he would demolish my personal best times.   … Continue reading Speed Academy Track Test of Project Northstar

    Project Northstar 2015 Subaru WRX – CSCS Time Attack Round 2

    After a successful day at the Hanson school the second round of CSCS Time Attack quickly approached.  With the car working so well I made the decision not to change anything mechanically but with the tire contingency prize provided by Steelcase Tires I thought it would be a good chance to try out the new RE-71R from Bridgestone that everyone was raving about.  My previous best time at TMP was a 1:22.5 at the final round of CSCS in 2015 running very used Hankook RS-3’s.  All of the information I’ve heard and read has the RE-71R being over a second faster then the RS-3.

    With the weather for the previous round being horrible everyone was crossing their fingers that Round 2 would be better.  The rounds at TMP also tend to have the biggest turn out as there’s also drag racing alongside the Time Attack, Drifting and Show and Shine.  

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    Project Northstar 2015 Subaru WRX – Hanson Driving School, Race Gas & Killer B Top Mount

    Every year I make an effort to get out to at least one Hanson Advanced Driving School in order to brush up on my skills and learn some new stuff.  The event Last year I was signed off by Peter Hanson the operator and lead instructor of the school which meant an instructor was not required for me on track.  This meant most of the learning would be done on my own on track as well as taking some of the advanced techniques taught to the advanced group in the classroom.

    The weather was beautiful for the school and the most amazing thing was that there was around 30 Subaru’s at the school which was a record for them and I believe was 50% of the total attendees.  It was great to see so many old and new faces at the track and from talking to the new people they were already thinking of signing up for the next date.  

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    Ethanol Fuels in Ontario? – Dyno Testing Results

    At Touge Tuning we always strive to be at the forefront of new products or developments in the industry.  Part of this is getting the opportunity to test a new product whether it be on track or dyno testing.  Recently we were approached by Shellbourne Fuels with the chance to test out a new fuel option from them which is their Ethanol based fuels.  For those of you in Ontario and most of Canada you will know that Ethanol based fuels such as E85 are pretty much non-existent.  The jealousy of big power numbers seen from cars south of the border has grown over the years as flex fuel tuning options have become more prevalent.

    With the recent release of the COBB Flex Fuel kit and the ability to use the AccessPORT to tune for different Ethanol contents on a single map was timed perfectly with the new fuel available.  

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    Project Bedrock 2009 Subaru WRX – Introduction

    Hey everyone, it’s been a long time coming but I finally am going to start a journal of my 2009 WRX. My name is Laine and I have been a member of TSC since August 2009. I bought my 2009 WRX in June 2009 just before the WRX 265 came out. While slightly disappointed at the time I wasn’t completely bummed that I missed on the upgraded turbo/suspension on the 265, I finally had the car I wanted ever since I saw the Impreza 2.5 RS in 1998.

    During the purchase my sales person talked to me about the Subaru community in Toronto and gave me a list of places I could pick-up parts if I ever wanted to get into modding once the “warranty” expired. When I got home I joined TSC and that is where my adventure began. I had no idea the community base behind Subaru’s and quickly became enticed by the endless possibilities.

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    Going From Turbo to N/A: My Weird Journey from a GR STI to a AP2 S2000

    Hello internet, you may have seen some of my work up on our social media streams in the last few months, but we have not officially met. I have now been working at Touge Tuning since December of 2015 doing photos, videos and media part time. The very persuasive Chris, owner of Touge Tuning, has prompted me start a journal series of my own (probably because he finds me to be an entertaining person). So without further hesitation let’s jump right in.

    To get started I suppose that some background information on me is required, so here is the rundown. I work full time in the building engineering/design industry, but recently before this I was a student. I have now been out of school for 1.5 years, and have always had a deep passion for cars. Coming out of school and into the “working world” has had a bit of a profound effect on my life.

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    Project Northstar 2015 Subaru WRX – CSCS 2016 Round 1

    As usual in the summer it’s difficult to find time to keep up with these journal updates but hopefully I can get quicker at them.  As usual Round 1 for CSCS is hosted at Mosport Driver Develop Track in Bowmanville, Ontario.  This track was redesigned a few years ago and has become one of my personal favorite tracks to drive on.  It is one of the most technical tracks in Ontario and really rewards confident drivers.  This years event was run on May 15th and it was pretty much the craziest weather i’ve ever seen at a time attack event.  Temperatures ranged from 0 to 7 degrees celcius with a mixture of Snow, Rain and Hail.  Winds were strong enough that many, including our group, had to take down the canopies so they didn’t fly away.

    The temperatures and weather made it very tricky to get tire pressures dialed in and do any sort of comparison between one session to the next.  

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