ST Suspension Kits – 05-10 Chrysler 300, 09-10 Dodge Challenger, 06-11 Charger, 05-08 Magnum



The ST sport suspension range is a fantastic way to greatly improve your vehicle’s driving dynamics without breaking the bank. ST sport suspension uses twin-tube dampers with fixed damping and matched rebound/spring rates to deliver a much sportier driving experience.

Performance AND style

Depending on the make and model, ST sport suspension kits will typically allow a lowering amount of 20mm on both the front and rear axles (VW Golf VII GTI), however for certain models upto 60mm is now possible! Please check what level of lowering is available for your car before ordering.

Perfect suspension setup

ST sport suspension kits feature perfectly matched springs and dampers to ensure the best possible handling after installation. The pre-set damping is not only set per vehicle, but also the intended level of lowering (for example 20mm or 30mm). Each kit features a low friction and pressure resistant housing with a high-quality mono block guide and seal package for maximum longevity. Once installed, you can expect your car to handle more agile with reduced body roll under hard driving conditions, not to mention a sportier lowered look. ST sport suspension kits are designed to work alongside the OEM components and are built to the absolute highest standard.

OEM quality

Every ST sport suspension kit is built to meet German TÜV standards and used on a wide range of vehicle brands. These include German makes such as VW, BMW, and Audi as well as more niche brands including Chrysler and Volvo. ST sport suspension is available on a total of 30 vehicle brands.

Weight10.89 kg
Dimensions76.2 × 45.72 × 15.24 cm


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Models suitable for this product

Chrysler3002005 - 2007Base - 2.7L
Chrysler3002005 - 2007C - 5.7L
Chrysler3002005 - 2008SRT-8 - 6.1L
Chrysler3002005 - 2010C - 5.7L AWD
Chrysler3002008 - 2010C HEMI - 5.7L
Chrysler3002010S V6 - 3.5L
Chrysler3002010S V8 - 5.7L
Chrysler3002010SRT-8 - 6.1L
DodgeChallenger2009 - 2010R/T - 5.7L
DodgeChallenger2009 - 2010SE - 3.5L
DodgeChallenger2009 - 2010SRT8 - 6.1L
DodgeCharger2006 - 2009RT - 5.7L
DodgeCharger2006SE - 3.5L
DodgeCharger2006 - 2009SRT-8 - 6.1L
DodgeCharger2007 - 2010Base - 2.7L
DodgeCharger2007Base - 3.5L AWD
DodgeCharger2007 - 2009RT - 5.7L AWD
DodgeCharger2008 - 2009Fleet - 3.5L AWD
DodgeCharger2008 - 2009SXT - 3.5L
DodgeCharger2008 - 2009SXT - 3.5L AWD
DodgeCharger2010Base - 3.5L
DodgeCharger2011Base - 3.6L
DodgeCharger2011Police Fleet - 3.6L
DodgeCharger2011RT - 5.7L
DodgeCharger2011RT - 5.7L AWD
DodgeMagnum2005 - 2008RT - 5.7L
DodgeMagnum2005 - 2008RT - 5.7L AWD
DodgeMagnum2005 - 2008SXT - 3.5L AWD
DodgeMagnum2006 - 2008SRT-8 - 6.1L
DodgeMagnum2008Base - 2.7L
DodgeMagnum2008SXT - 3.5L

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