Radium Engineering Fluid Lock Crankcase Catch Can Kit – 2000-2005 Honda S2000




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The CCV Catch Can Kit (shown above) runs inline with the 1/2″ valve cover breather port and air intake pipe. At low loads, it experiences atmospheric pressure, but when the engine is at high load (WOT), this hose will experience vacuum and would normally be drawing unwanted crankcase vapors, unspent fuel, and oil sludge into the air filter intake pipe. If the engine is turbocharged or supercharged a catch can will help keep oil out of the charge piping. This kit is compatible with all strut tower braces.

Crankcase Kit Includes:

-Radium billet oil catch can with integrated condenser and dipstick
-Radium laser-cut anodized S2000 specific mounting bracket
-Anodized aluminum -8AN hose ends and adapter fittings
-Enough 1/2″ PCV rubber hose to mate to custom applications
-Vacuum and heater hose to eliminate OEM metal hard tube loom
-Stainless steel mounting hardware


-4AN ORB to barb fitting
-Nylon ¼” barb ball valve
-PCV compliant rubber hose

This kit can be used to remotely drain the catch cans without the need to unscrew the canister body. NOT INCLUDED, LINKED HERE.

PCV Catch Can Kit, linked HERE.

Dual Catch Can Kit, linked HERE.

These kits are specifically designed for the 00-05 Honda S2000, LHD chassis. It is not compatible with any RHD or 06-09 LHD S2000 models, however, that kit is linked HERE.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm
Catch Can Kit

20-0092 Crankcase Catch Can Kit, 20-0093 PCV Catch Can Kit, 20-0096 Dual Catch Can Kit


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Models suitable for this product

HondaS20002000 - 2003Base - 2.0L
HondaS20002004 - 2005Base - 2.2L

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