Grimmspeed 3″ Downpipe to Stock Cat-Back Adapter – Subaru


  • Flared Adapter Transition!
    (Creates a smooth transition from your 3″ downpipe to your OEM midpipe)
  • Flanged for OEM Donut Gasket

  • Indestructible Steel CNC Laser cut construction
  • Simple bolt-on installation.
    (With bolts included)
  • Will Not obstruct exhaust flow like other adapters.
    (Flared end guarantees smooth exhaust flow)

Exhaust leaks seem to be an all-too-common issue with most modded Subarus. They tend to spring up out of nowhere and cause hours of troubleshooting headaches. The most guaranteed leak you will get though is if you run an aftermarket 3″ downpipe to an OEM or OEM like 2.5″ Exhaust. Compare our adapter to the competition and you will immediately see why we offer the best solution to finally end that pesky leak.

Cut from Steel and hand welded these pieces were born tough. With the ability to work with both flat-style gaskets AND donut gaskets they cannot be matched. If that wasn’t enough we flared out one end to just shy of 3″ so that unlike the competitors, our adapter will not block flow! 

A Final solution to pesky problems, it’s what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™

Fitment Note: This Adapter is only intended to be used for connecting an aftermarket Downpipe to an OEM Catback. Grimmspeed offers a different adapter for the opposite setup, linked below:

Grimmspeed Stock Downpipe to 3″ Cat-Back Adapter – Subaru

3″ Gasket sold separately, linked HERE.

Donut Gasket sold separately, linked HERE.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 13 × 5 cm


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Models suitable for this product

SubaruBaja2004 - 2006XT - 2.5L Turbo AWD
SubaruForester2004 - 20132.5XT
SubaruImpreza2002 - 2014WRX
SubaruImpreza2004 - 2014WRX STi
SubaruLegacy2005 - 20092.5GT
SubaruLegacy2006 - 2009Spec B.
SubaruOutback2005 - 20092.5XT
SubaruWRX2002 - 2020
SubaruWRX STi2004 - 2020

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