GFB 25mm Bosch Diverter Valve Replacement – Audi, Porsche, Saab & VW


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Installation Instructions

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When you want no noise, no nonsense, just performance.  European manufacturers are pushing their engines to the limit. Get a DV to match.

GFB’s DV+ diverter valve range offers a direct-fit performance solution for the weak factory diverter valves used on many modern vehicles.

By retaining the factory ECU control and recirculating the vented air, the DV+ is a purely performance-oriented product that offers the following benefits:

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Solves boost leaking issues
  • Built to last

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions17 × 17 × 9 cm


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Models suitable for this product

AudiA41997 - 20051.8T
AudiTT2000Base - 1.8L Turbo
AudiTT2000quattro - 1.8L Turbo AWD
AudiTT2001 - 2002180hp quattro - 1.8L Turbo AWD
AudiTT2001 - 2003225hp Cabriolet quattro - 1.8L Turbo AWD
AudiTT2001 - 2006180hp - 1.8L Turbo
AudiTT2001 - 2006180hp Cabriolet - 1.8L Turbo
AudiTT2001 - 2006225hp quattro - 1.8L Turbo AWD
AudiTT2002225hp ALMS Edition quattro - 1.8L Turbo AWD
AudiTT2004 - 2006225hp Cabriolet quattro - 1.8L Turbo
AudiTT2004 - 2006250hp Cabriolet quattro - 1.8L Turbo
PorscheMacan2015 - 2018S - 3.0L Turbo
PorscheMacan2015 - 2018Turbo - 3.6L
PorscheMacan2017 - 2018GTS - 3.0L Turbo
Saab9-31999 - 2000Base Turbo Convertible - 2.0L
Saab9-31999 - 2000Base Turbo Hatchback - 2.0L
Saab9-31999 - 2000SE HO Turbo Convertible - 2.0L
Saab9-31999 - 2000SE HO Turbo Hatchback - 2.0L
Saab9-31999SE Turbo Convertible - 2.0L
Saab9-31999SE Turbo Hatchback - 2.0L
Saab9-31999Viggen Turbo - 2.3L
Saab9-32000Viggen Turbo Convertible - 2.3L
Saab9-32000Viggen Turbo Hatchback - 2.3L
Saab9-32001Base 2dr Hatchback - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32001Base 4dr Hatchback - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32001 - 2002SE Hatchback - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32001 - 2002Viggen 2dr Hatchback - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-32001 - 2002Viggen 4dr Hatchback - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-32001 - 2002Viggen Convertible - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-32001 - 2003SE Convertible - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32003Arc - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32003Linear - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-32003Vector - 2.0L Turbo
Saab9-51999 - 20012.3T Sedan
Saab9-51999 - 20012.3T Wagon
Saab9-51999SE 2.3T Turbo
Saab9-51999SE V6T
Saab9-52000Aero Turbo Sedan - 2.3L
Saab9-52000Aero Turbo Wagon - 2.3L
Saab9-52000Gary Fisher Edition Turbo - 2.3L
Saab9-52000SE V6T Sedan
Saab9-52000SE V6T Wagon
Saab9-52001 - 2005Aero Sedan - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52001Aero Wagon - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52001SE V6T Sedan - 3.0L Turbo
Saab9-52001SE V6T Wagon - 3.0L Turbo
Saab9-52002Aero SportWagon - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52002 - 2003Arc 3.0t Sedan
Saab9-52002Arc 3.0t SportWagon
Saab9-52002 - 2003Linear 2.3t Sedan
Saab9-52002Linear 2.3t SportWagon
Saab9-52003 - 2005Aero Sport Wagon - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52003Arc 3.0t Sport Wagon
Saab9-52003Linear 2.3t Sport Wagon
Saab9-52004 - 2005Arc 2.3T Sedan
Saab9-52004 - 2005Arc 2.3T Sport Wagon
Saab9-52004Linear 2.3t
Saab9-52005Linear 2.3T
Saab9-52006 - 2008Base - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52006 - 2008SportCombi - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52008Aero - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52008Aero SportCombi - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Aero Sedan - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Aero Wagon - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Base Sedan - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Base Wagon - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Griffin Sedan - 2.3L Turbo
Saab9-52009Griffin Wagon - 2.3L Turbo
VolkswagenGolf GTI2000GLS 1.8T
VolkswagenGolf GTI2001GLS - 1.8T
VolkswagenGolf GTI2002 - 20051.8T
VolkswagenGolf GTI2002337 - 1.8L T
VolkswagenGolf GTI200320th Anniversary Edition - 1.8L T
VolkswagenJetta2000GLS 1.8T Turbo
VolkswagenJetta2001GLS 1.8T
VolkswagenJetta2002 - 2004GLS 1.8T Sedan - 1.8L T
VolkswagenJetta2002 - 2004GLS 1.8T Wagon - 1.8L T
VolkswagenJetta2003GL 1.8T Sedan - 1.8L T
VolkswagenJetta2003GL 1.8T Wagon - 1.8L T
VolkswagenJetta2004GL 1.8T
VolkswagenJetta2005GLI 1.8T
VolkswagenJetta2005GLS 1.8T
VolkswagenNew Beetle1999 - 2000GLS 1.8T Turbo
VolkswagenNew Beetle1999 - 2000GLX 1.8T Turbo
VolkswagenNew Beetle2001 - 2002GLS 1.8T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2001GLX 1.8T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2002GLX 1.8T - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2002Sport - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2002 - 2004Turbo S - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2003GL 1.8T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2003 - 2004GLS Convertible - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2003 - 2005GLS 1.8T Hatchback - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2003GLX 1.8T Hatchback - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2003GLX Convertible - 1.8L T
VolkswagenNew Beetle2005GLS 1.8T Convertible - 1.8L T
VolkswagenPassat1998 - 2003GLS 1.8T Sedan
VolkswagenPassat1998 - 2003GLS 1.8T Wagon
VolkswagenPassat2004 - 2005GL 1.8T Sedan
VolkswagenPassat2004 - 2005GL 1.8T Wagon
VolkswagenPassat2005GLS 1.8T Sedan
VolkswagenPassat2005GLS 1.8T Wagon

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