Boomba Racing Short Shift Transmission Adapter – Manual Transmission – 2017-2020 Honda Civic Si & 2016-2020 Civic



This extremely durable and high-quality adapter installs easily to the existing input bracket on top of your Tenth Gen Civic transmission. No OEM parts need to be removed or modified during the installation process. Once installed, the adapter plate reduces shifter throws by 30%. CNC machined out of billet steel and weighing in at 630g, the increased weight aids in shifting momentum and positive engagement, improving the overall feel of your shifting experience.

The adapter bracket is designed and manufactured in Boomba’s own facility, right here in the United States and all mounting hardware is included. All adapter plates and hardware are zinc plated for durability and excellent appearance. A definite mod for daily drivers as well as autocross and road racing enthusiasts alike! 

Work’s great with their Short Throw Shifter Lever, linked HERE.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm


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Models suitable for this product

HondaCivic2016EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018LX-P - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018EX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2017EX-L Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport Touring - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020LX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020Si Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020Si Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020Type R - 2.0L Turbo
HondaCivic2018EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020DX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Touring Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo

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