AMS Performance 4 Bar Map Sensor Upgrade – 2008+ Nissan GT-R (R35)


Alpha R35 GT-R MAP Sensor Upgrade

AMS Leads The Way For Solid Tuning Solutions

The Alpha MAP Sensor is a solid, plug and play solution for precise boost control over 24 psi. Following the success of the Alpha MAF Sensor Upgrade, the first on the market to solve drivability problems for high hp GTR’s, we quickly found it necessary to upgrade the MAP sensor for the R35 GTR. We noted that higher boost levels created inaccurate boost control with the R35 GT-R and we needed a bullet proof solution.

What’s The Problem With The Factory MAP Sensor?

The factory MAP sensor only reads to 24 psi reliably which leaves very little room to have a working boost cut in case of an over-boost situation. The factory boost control is also pressure based so after 24 psi there is no longer any ‘control’. The boost will run whatever it wants to in relation to air temperature and density for that day. There is also no way to log or tell how much boost a car is running when it is over this limit currently.

Add Safety And Reliability When Increasing Boost Levels

AMS now brings you a simple solution for reliable and precise boost control with a simple, seamless integration into your GT-R.  By utilizing a 4-bar sensor we were able to regain control of the boost accurately up to 44 psi.  This will not only give you regained control over boost but allows for better data collection for the Tuner resulting in a more accurate and safer tune on the dyno.

AMS Makes Upgrading MAP Sensors Easy To Install And Calibrate

Every Alpha MAP Sensor includes the necessary calibration parameters and tuning tips which will allow for plug and play installation without a lot of guess work for the tuner.  Installation requires no cutting of wiring because it has the same stock connector to plug right into the factory harness.  The Alpha MAP Sensors will work with the stock ECU or any aftermarket engine management system available.

Do it right the first time, order your Alpha GT-R MAP Sensor today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Greater safety by retaining factory boost cut feature
  • Accurate control of boost over 24 psi
  • 4 bar absolute pressure sensor allows for up to 44psi to be measured reliably
  • Allows for better data collection by the tuner for the better tuning results
  • Plug-and-play installation using factory hardware
  • No need to cut into your vehicle harness! Connector is the same as factory!
  • Will work with stock ECU or any aftermarket engine management system


  • 2009 + Nissan R35 GT-R



Additional information

Weight0.27 kg
Dimensions32.51 × 27.43 × 7.11 cm


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