2015 Subaru WRX Stage 2+ with TGV Deletes – Dyno Numbers

Here we have a strong example of a 2015 Subaru WRX with simple modifications that extract 70WHP and 80WTQ over stock with a nice safe tune.  Out of the box the WRX definitely feels much slower than an STi of the same year, yet with some simple mods you can get very close to the numbers with the same modifications.

Event: Dyno Tune
Location: Touge Tuning, Mississauga Ontario
Ambient Temp:
Elevation: 249 ft.
Weather: 20C
Car: 2015 Subaru WRX
Tuner: Sasha from OnPoint Dyno
Dyno Info: Dynapack
Transmission: 6-speed
Gear: 4th
Stock Peak HP at RPM: 212 @ 4900RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Stock Peak Torque at RPM: 250 @ 2500RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Stage 2+ Peak HP at RPM: 286 @ 5500RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected –
Stage 2+ Peak Torque at RPM: 336 @ 3400RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2010 STi on same dyno: 228WHP/240WTQ
Target Boost: N/A
Fuel: Petro 94

Mod List
-ETS Intake
-IAG TGV Deletes
-IAG EGR Deletes
-Grimmspeed 3-Port EBCS
-Invidia Catted J-Pipe


2 thoughts on “2015 Subaru WRX Stage 2+ with TGV Deletes – Dyno Numbers

  • Hello guys, I was wondering what will be the numbers to the engine because from what I understand I see those numbers at the wheels correct?

    • We typically estimate 20-25% drivetrain loss so you can add approximately that amount to the wheel numbers.


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