Kartboy Knuckle Ball Subaru 5-Speed Shift Knob – Black Delrin


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Fitment: Fits most 5-Speed Manual Subaru Models

For the extra bit of style and performance, add a Kartboy Shift Knob to your Kartboy Shift Lever (works with the stock lever as well.) This computer designed and CNC turned Delrin knob fits the hand with comfort, but allows a firm grip for crucial shifts.  No set screws or cheezy adapter sleeves to add, it is internally threaded. For the ultimate in compatibility, a groove is included to hold up the shift boot.  To top it all off, a tasteful Kartboy Shift Pattern Emblem is included in 2 Colors, Black and Yellow.

Delrin is not affected by heat and cold like aluminum can be, no more wearing gloves in the winter because your shift knob is too cold and no more waiting for the A/C to cool down the shift knob in the summer heat.

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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Models suitable for this product

SubaruBaja2003 - 2006Sport - 2.5L AWD
SubaruBaja2004 - 2006Turbo - 2.5L Turbo AWD
SubaruForester1998 - 2002
SubaruForester2003 - 2005X
SubaruForester2004 - 20082.5XT
SubaruForester2006 - 20132.5X
SubaruImpreza1993 - 1994
SubaruImpreza1995 - 1997All
SubaruImpreza1998 - 20012.5RS
SubaruImpreza1998 - 2001All Others
SubaruImpreza2002 - 20052.5RS & 2.5TS
SubaruImpreza2002 - 2014WRX
SubaruImpreza2006 - 20082.5i
SubaruImpreza2010 - 20112.5i
SubaruLegacy1993 - 1994Sport
SubaruLegacy1995 - 1997L
SubaruLegacy1997 - 2004GT
SubaruLegacy1998 - 1999Base
SubaruLegacy2000 - 2004L
SubaruLegacy2005 - 20092.5GT
SubaruLegacy2005 - 20092.5i
SubaruLegacy2006Spec B.
SubaruOutback1997 - 1999
SubaruOutback2000 - 2001Sport
SubaruOutback2000 - 2004Base
SubaruOutback2000 - 2004Limited
SubaruOutback2001 - 2004LL Bean
SubaruOutback2001 - 2004VDC
SubaruOutback2002 - 2004H6
SubaruOutback2005 - 20092.5XT
SubaruOutback2005 - 20092.5i
SubaruWRX2002 - 2014

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