Boomba Racing Oil Cap – 2006-2015 Honda Civic



Honda Civic CNC machined billet aluminum oil cap. Available in red, black or natural finish. It is designed to easily replace the original oil cap.

Product Color Disclaimer

Due to variances in the anodizing stage of production that are beyond our control, actual color hue may be different than what is pictured and what has also been previously offered by Boomba Racing. We apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. For further clarification, feel free to contact us.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm

Natural Aluminum, Black, Red


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Models suitable for this product

HondaCivic2006 - 2011GX - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2011Hybrid - 1.3L
HondaCivic2006 - 2012DX Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2012DX Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2015EX Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2015EX Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2015LX Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006 - 2015LX Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2006Si - 2.0L
HondaCivic2007EX Coupe - 1.87L
HondaCivic2007 - 2011Si Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2007 - 2011Si Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2008 - 2012EX-L Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2008 - 2015EX-L Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2008MUGEN Si - 2.0L
HondaCivic2009 - 2011DX-VP - 1.8L
HondaCivic2009 - 2011LX-S - 1.8L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015HF - 1.8L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Hybrid - 1.5L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Natural Gas - 1.8L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Si Coupe - 2.4L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Si Sedan - 2.4L
HondaCivic2013EX PZEV Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013EX PZEV Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013EX-L Coupe 1.8L
HondaCivic2013EX-L PZEV Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013EX-L PZEV Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013HF PZEV - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013Hybrid PZEV - 1.5L
HondaCivic2013LX PZEV Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2013LX PZEV Sedan - 1.8L
HondaCivic2014 - 2015EX-L Coupe - 1.8L
HondaCivic2015SE - 1.8L

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