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In-Channel Light Smoke Front Side Window Deflectors (70340) by WeatherTech®. 2 Pieces. These easy-to-install accessories offer you fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look. To keep the nasty weather out and the fresh air in, upgrade your vehicle with this high-quality set of window deflectors from WeatherTech. To look natural on your automobile, the deflectors install inside the window channel which allows you to enjoy fresh air even when raining.

2 Pieces of Front Side Window Deflectors


Installs Inside the Window Channel
Installation is quick and easy, with no exterior tape needed. WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors do not stick to the outside of your vehicle but install inside the window channel. They must be cleaned and dried for perfect installation.

Maximum Fresh Air Enjoyment
Let the fresh air in and keep the rain out! WeatherTech® side window deflectors span the entire window channel which allows you to open your windows and enjoy fresh air even when raining. It also reduces wind noise and minimizes the turbulence with open windows.

Optically Transparent
The deflectors are designed optically transparent with safety in mind, to minimize blind spots for the driver.

Minimizes Interior Heat When Parked
You can leave the windows slightly open to create an airflow inside the parked vehicle.

ISO Certified
WeatherTech’s commitment to Quality shows in recent certification to the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Standard prepared by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the Technical Committee of the ISO.

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are crafted in Germany from the finest 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic material available. Installation is quick and easy, with no exterior tape needed. WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors are precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle. These low profile window deflectors help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape.

WeatherTech® is a line of top-grade custom-designed automotive accessories produced by the MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd, a company headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois. Manufactured in the USA, the WeatherTech line offers everything you need for protection of your vehicle’s interior and exterior, from lamp guards and window deflectors to liners and pet barriers. All WeatherTech products are thoroughly designed and manufactured, so that you could get the uppermost quality, styling, and durability. Every product undergoes the most rigorous testings and quality control inspections before being marked with the MacNeil logo. Thus owners of the WetherTech products no longer have to worry about Mother Nature and its effects spoiling their vehicle’s exterior or interior.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions120 × 34 × 6 cm


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Models suitable for this product

ChevroletMalibu2004 - 2005Base - 2.2L
ChevroletMalibu2004 - 2005LS - 3.5L
ChevroletMalibu2004 - 2007LT - 3.5L
ChevroletMalibu20060LT - 2.2L
ChevroletMalibu2006 - 2007LS - 2.2L
ChevroletMalibu2006 - 2007LS Fleet - 3.5L
ChevroletMalibu2006 - 2007LT - 2.2L
ChevroletMalibu2006 - 2007LTZ - 3.5L
ChevroletMalibu2006 - 2007SS - 3.9L
ChevroletMalibu2007LS Fleet - 2.2L

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