ST Suspensions Camber Adjustment Kit – 1998-2002 Honda Civic Accord & 2004-2008 Acura TSX



In order to get the most out of your performance suspension, a properly optimized wheel alignment is an absolute must. The ST Pro-Align kit provides everything required to align
your lowered vehicle with the accuracy of a race car. In fact, many professional race teams use both our Pro-Align™ and Toe-Adjust™ to achieve the best alignment obtainable.

New product features include:

  • The new adjustable Pro-Align™ Ball Joint that provides up to 3 degrees of camber and 1 degree of caster
  • Our new Pro-Align™ Cam-Bolts allow allow you to make full camber adjustments with the simple turn of a bolt
  • Toe-Adjust, our rear toe adjusters provide a wide range of adjustment
Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions25.4 × 25.4 × 25.4 cm


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Models suitable for this product

AcuraTSX2004 - 2008Base 2.4L
HondaAccord1998 - 19992.3L
HondaAccord1998 - 19993.0L
HondaAccord2000 - 2001DX - 2.3L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002EX Coupe - 2.3L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002EX Sedan - 2.3L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002EX V-6 Coupe - 3.0L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002EX V-6 Sedan - 3.0L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002LX Coupe - 2.3L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002LX Sedan - 2.3L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002LX V-6 Coupe - 3.0L
HondaAccord2000 - 2002LX V-6 Sedan - 3.0L
HondaAccord2000SE - 2.3L
HondaAccord2001 - 2002LX Sedan w/ABS - 2.3L
HondaAccord2001Value Package
HondaAccord2002DX Sedan - 2.3L
HondaAccord2002SE Coupe - 2.3L
HondaAccord2002SE Sedan - 2.3L
HondaAccord2002Value Package - 2.3L

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