LIC Motorsports Adjustable Timing Belt Idlers (Pair) – Subaru WRX, STi, FXT



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LIC adjustable (eccentric) timing idlers; they’ve been in use on their own motor builds and race car for quite some time. These are precision CNC machined and hand assembled in house. These come engraved with LIC on the face, feature strict OEM tolerances, and have a 10mm hex for your socket to hold it in place while you adjust the timing with perfection. Current offering has been tested and proven on the LIC Motorsports Time Attack STi during the 2010 race season.

These especially play a role with heads and/or blocks that have been resurfaced, as well as different thickness head gaskets. These are recommended for any race build you do on a Subaru.

How it all works:
Idler #1: This upper idler when adjusted effects the RIGHT (Passenger side) intake/exhaust cams.
Idler #2: This lower idler when adjusted effects the LEFT (Driver side) intake/exhaust cams.
These parts are designed for long blocks that have been narrowed down from resurfacing the heads during a rebuild or decking the block and/or both. When that process is done it effectively retards the timing, this is because the belt has not changed length and something needs to make up that difference in the slack (the tensioner can only do so much), and likewise if you have different thickness head gaskets, these are perfect in conjunction with that, as the same issue is present (just vice versa, which is a lengthened block).

This is what the LIC Motorsports adjustable timing idlers were designed for and is only recommended to bring your cams back into proper alignment.


  • These are a single roller bearing design
  • Street cars should replace every 60k miles
  • Race/Track cars should replace yearly and/or each engine teardown


A professional installer is highly recommended when using this product and specifically someone well versed in understanding Subaru motor builds.  At no point in time should these idlers ever be maxed out and used as a means to suffice a poor quality block/heads that have been machined down too far.  These idlers should never be used for timing components that are more than 1 tooth out of alignment.  A motor that is off by more than 1 tooth has other underlining issues.  In addition, inspection of threaded areas that the old idlers came off from is essential.  Catastrophic failure can result from performing this job improperly.
Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm


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Models suitable for this product

SubaruForester2004 - 20082.5XT
SubaruImpreza2002 - 2007WRX
SubaruImpreza2004 - 2014WRX STi
SubaruWRX2002 - 2007
SubaruWRX STi2004 - 2020

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