KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit – 2021+ BMW M3 & M4 (G80/G82/G83)



KW height adjustable spring kits are a great alternative to conventional lowering springs. You now longer have to be satisfied with a fixed lowering height. KW HAS systems allow you to adjust the vehicle ride height with the KW height adjuster even after the kit has been installed. Your vehicle does not only get a more dynamic look with the KW height adjustable spring kit, but also the steering behavior and response of the standard dampers becomes more agile. All driver assistance systems and comfort features of a factory adaptive or electronic suspension remain operational and work harmoniously with our vehicle specific spring set up.

Setup – Sporty Harmonic Spring Rates

KW uses high-quality springs made of chrome-silicon steel with spring rates designed specifically for each respective OE suspension damper and wheel load. KW’s expertise and engineering ensure the spring rates will pair perfectly with the different damper characteristics of your factory adaptive electronic suspension. Along with the use of high quality materials and the included KW ride height adjustment mechanisms, our KW height adjustable spring kits always includes the vehicle-specific bump stops with dust protection system to protect your factory suspension against wear & tear caused by road grime and debris.


Height adjustment on the front axle (not exact product shown)

Height adjustment on the rear axle (not exact product shown)

Continuous Ride Height Adjustment

Similar to a coilover suspension, the KW height adjustable springs allow a continuous adjustable ride height within a tested range, something not possible with conventional lowering springs. The dust protection elements and spring perches included in the delivery, when applicable, are always adjusted to the maximum technically possible lowering, typically limited by the factory dampers. With KW height adjustable springs, a sporty and harmonious driving behavior can be achieved without the driving dynamics of performance-oriented vehicles suffering.

As with all KW suspension products our engineers develop vehicle specific parameters and spring specifications which undergo comprehensive testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our KW 7-post Driving Dynamic Test Center. With a KW Height adjustable spring system coilover kit the driving experience is more dynamic and direct.

You are not buying a mass produced, generic system, a KW height adjustable spring system has been developed specifically for your particular vehicle. As a manufacturer, KW uses only its own resources, high quality components and technology that has all developed in-house. With the KW Height adjustable springs system will give you more direct handling and confidence while driving.

For over 20 years, KW automotive has been the market leader and driving innovation as a manufacturer of individual suspension solutions for the road and in all types of motorsports. No matter where in the world, gearheads, automobile manufacturers and reputable tuners rely on our KW coilovers “Made in Germany”.

2021+ BMW M3 (G80) Sedan; RWD, AWD incl. M3 Competition
2021+ BMW M4 (G82) Coupe; RWD, AWD incl. M4 Competition

(non-convertible models only)

Additional information

Weight16.87 kg
Dimensions76.2 × 45.72 × 15.24 cm


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