Killer B FA20 Twin Scroll Fury “Barebones” Turbo Kit – 2015-2020 Subaru WRX


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The Killer B Motorsport Twin Scroll Fury Turbo Kit is designed to capitalize on the FA20 WRX engine design, and use of Twin Scroll Technology. Custom designed Killer B Motorsport turbocharger adapters, exhaust, intake, compressor outlet components, and hardware allow the use of Garrett GTX 30/35 sized turbochargers utilizing the Garrett high performance Twin Scroll Ni-Resist turbine housing. The kit and turbocharger technology provides the highest potential for power extraction from the WRX FA20 engine.

Integrating Twin Scroll Technology into the Killer B Motorsport Twin Scroll Fury Turbo kit is the ideal match for this engine. Twin Scroll Technology improves responsiveness and low end power over single scroll. The FA engine design is also more geared to taking advantage of twin scroll technology, creating a large flat powerband all the way to redline. The kit is designed to be used with a Garrett GTX 30/35 turbocharger. This line of turbocharger uses the latest and greatest technology to extract power. Advanced bearing and liquid cooling technology assure OEM levels of reliability. Tial wastegates are the industry standard for providing exceptional performance and reliability. These components have been time and track tested to provide the very best in performance & reliability to provide many years of service.

• CAD designed, engineered, with dyno testing, street and track testing to verify performance

• Advance casting technology, CNC forming/machining, and high quality TIG welds

• Highest quality USA source materials

• Utilizes the best technologies and design for best response and low end power

• 100% bolt-in kit, with an all-inclusive option for everything necessary to perform the installation

• Works with all factory systems (oiling, coolant, boost control, O2) for seamless operation.

• Made in the USA

Weight5 kg
Dimensions70 × 35 × 30 cm


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