Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing – Various Subaru Models


The Kartboy Rear shifter bushing replaces the soft factory rubber bushing. It works in conjunction with the Kartboy shifter bushings to help stabilize the shifter assembly mounting base. The rear bushing located underneath the car in the transmission tunnel, above the driveline. This will fit on the 5-Speed and 6-Speed Subarus.

Here’s what it does. If you look at the stock rear bushing you’ll notice that it’s a soft, squishy, “icky” bit of rubber in a steel cage used for mounting to the back of the transmission tunnel. Over time that rubber will break down, and allows the back of the shifter stay to move more than it should. Heck, even new ones are just unacceptably soft. The Kartboy piece is made from a much stiffer urethane, meaning it won’t break down over time, and won’t flex nearly as much as the stock part. What this means is a more postive snap into gear, and no more of that vague feeling in the stick when it’s reached the end of the throw travel.

Please note that this bushing may raise the shifter height when used on 1998-2005 Forester, 2000-2004 Legacy, 2003-2006 Baja, and 1998-1999 Legacy Outback models.

Here are 2 quick tips for the install:

  • Look at the bushing – there is a top and a bottom. The thicker portion of the material goes to the bottom.
  • Start the passenger side bolt. Then put the driver’s side bolt in and then tighten both.
Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm


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Models suitable for this product

ScionFR-S2013 - 2016
SubaruBRZ2013 - 2016
SubaruBRZ2017 - 2018Performance Package
SubaruBRZ2017 - 2019Base
SubaruBRZ2019Raiu Edition
SubaruBRZ2019Sport-tech RS
SubaruBaja2003 - 2006Sport - 2.5L AWD
SubaruBaja2004 - 2006Turbo - 2.5L Turbo AWD
SubaruForester1998 - 2002
SubaruForester2003 - 2005X
SubaruForester2004 - 20082.5XT
SubaruForester2006 - 20132.5X
SubaruImpreza1993 - 1994
SubaruImpreza1995 - 1997All
SubaruImpreza1998 - 20012.5RS
SubaruImpreza2002 - 20052.5RS & 2.5TS
SubaruImpreza2002 - 2014WRX
SubaruImpreza2004 - 2014WRX STi
SubaruImpreza2006 - 20112.5i
SubaruLegacy1995 - 1997L
SubaruLegacy1997 - 2004GT
SubaruLegacy1998 - 1999Base
SubaruLegacy2000 - 2004L
SubaruLegacy2005 - 20092.5GT
SubaruLegacy2005 - 20092.5i
SubaruLegacy2006 - 2009Spec B.
SubaruOutback1997 - 1999
SubaruOutback2000 - 2001Sport
SubaruOutback2000 - 2004Base
SubaruOutback2000 - 2004Limited
SubaruOutback2001 - 2004LL Bean
SubaruOutback2001 - 2004VDC
SubaruOutback2002 - 2004H6
SubaruOutback2005 - 20092.5XT
SubaruOutback2005 - 20092.5i
SubaruWRX2002 - 2014
SubaruWRX STi2004 - 2019
Toyota862017 - 2018
Toyota862019Base - 2.0L
Toyota862019GT - 2.0L
Toyota862019TRD SE - 2.0L

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