Company23 Anti-Surge 3-Port EBCS – 2008-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX



  • Game changing boost control for turbocharged Subarus utilizing patent pending electronic anti-surge technology
  • Eliminates common and annoying internal and external wastegate flutter!
  • Allows tuners to more precisely create your boost curve (increasing spool and horsepower) by not detuning your car to eliminate boost oscillation
  • The top Subaru tuners have proven the benefits of the Company23 anti-surge boost control solenoid on stage 2 cars up to 650whp track beasts!
  • As simple to tune as a basic 3-port boost control solenoid.  Very tuner friendly!
  • Easy installation with included OEM quality mounting brackets and electrical connectors”Plug and tune” for all Subaru models!
  • CNC machined and anodized 6061 aluminum housing is completely sealed for a lifetime of use
  • Boost conroller uses a custom 3-port solenoid designed by Company23 and manufactured by MAC
  • 6mm(1/4″) CNC machined hose fittings

Advantages over other aftermarket 3-port boost control solenoids:

  • Eliminates wastegate flutter.
  • Prevents oscillation in the boost curve.
  • Makes more horsepower and torque when compared to a detuned map focused on eliminating flutter.

Advantages over manual boost controllers:

  • Allows RPM/load dependent boost control
  • No need to worry about partial throttle/full boost during closed loop.
  • Does not require retuning for temperature/season changes or extreme changes in elevation.

Advantages over standalone electronic boost controller or standalone ECUs:

  • Retains OEM reliability and driveability.
  • Is “plug and tune” easy.
  • Significantly less expensive.
  • Less complexity.
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 5 cm


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