Boomba Racing Rear Motor Mount (CVT) – 2016-2020 Honda Civic




Torque each bolt to 69 lb-ft

Specifically for CVT/automatic transmission models. Compatible on the 2.0 as well as the 1.5 turbo!


-Molded-in polyurethane bushing

-Eliminates wheel hop

-Increases traction

-Premium aircraft grade billet aluminum

-Reduces engine flex

-70 durometer bushing

These direct bolt-on mounts combine to replace the rear engine torque damper, significantly improving the vehicle’s traction and shifting response by reducing excessive engine flex. Wheel-hop during hard launches is also completely eliminated thanks to these mounts.

Boomba Racing mounts are machined from high-quality aircraft grade billet aluminum for strength, durability and looks. Inside each mount you’ll also find solid poured-in polyurethane bushings with the rigidity carefully chosen to optimize vehicle stability while also minimizing excessive vibration transfer from the motor to the body.

Installation is simple, does not require engine support and utilizes all OEM hardware.

As with any aftermarket motor mount, there will be added NVH(noise vibration harshness) that wasn’t there before. These mounts take 1,000 to 2,000 miles to fully break-in

Product Color Disclaimer

Due to variances in the anodizing stage of production that are beyond our control, actual color hue may be different than what is pictured and what has also been previously offered by Boomba Racing. We apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. For further clarification, feel free to contact us.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm

Natural Aluminum, Black, Blue, Red


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Models suitable for this product

HondaCivic2016EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018LX-P - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018EX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2017EX-L Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport Touring - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020LX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2018EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020DX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Touring Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo

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