Boomba Racing Catch Can – Stage 1 CCV – 2017-2020 Honda Civic 1.5T



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Introducing Boomba’s Compact Catch Can Kit for the 16+ Civic 1.5T! This is designed as a full kit meaning it includes everything necessary to install.

NOTE: This is the stage 1 kit, and is a CCV style. You can pair this up with the stage 2 kit, which is a PCV style, linked HERE, to create a Dual Catch Can setup.

These beautifully machined pieces of billet aluminum are crucial in any direct injected car. They work to collect oil and moisture passing through your vacuum system and to prevent it from entering back into your intake where it would collect on the back of the intake valves and gunk up the inside of your engine, causing carbon build-up. The Boomba Racing Compact Catch Can Kit is meant to be easy to install, and easy to service. With a mounting bracket that makes it quick and easy to remove, draining this catch can is super convenient. This catch can utilizes a two-stage outlet to ensure that the oil within the vapor going through the can is trapped.

-All Mounting Brackets included

-Holds 200 ML of Liquid

-Inlet/Outlet for 3/8″ hose

-2-step compact baffle outlet filtration system

-User-configurable inlet/outlet set-up

-DipStick for checking the level

-CNC machined from billet aluminum [no sloppy welds here]

-9 different user-configurable input/output combinations for custom builds

-Available in natural aluminum, red, black, or blue (can color)


Product Color Disclaimer

Due to variances in the anodizing stage of production that are beyond our control, actual color hue may be different than what is pictured and what has also been previously offered by Boomba Racing. We apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. For further clarification, feel free to contact us.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions26 × 26 × 26 cm

Natural Aluminum, Black, Blue, Red


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Models suitable for this product

HondaCivic2016EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-L Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018EX-T Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2018LX-P - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020LX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2016 - 2020Touring Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018EX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2017EX-L Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2018Sport Touring - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020LX Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020Si Coupe - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2017 - 2020Si Sedan - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2018EX - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020DX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020EX Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2019 - 2020Sport Touring Hatchback - 1.5L Turbo

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