AWE S-FLO Air Intake System – 2008-2012 Audi S5 4.2L


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From the S-FLO filter alone to the carbon fiber S-FLO setup, there’s an option for every taste and budget – and a simple upgrade path to easily go from entry to extreme:

    • S-FLO allows 34% more airflow over stock
    • Max gains of 11 hp and 9 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
    • 2×2 twill carbon fiber cover with UV-stabilized resin clear coat
    • Perfect integration with OEM air inlet — mounts in the factory location for a sleek OEM look
    • 4-ply Nomex®, fluorosilicone lined, steel wire reinforced silicone air tube
    • Dry media, washable S-FLO Filter
    • Designed, engineered, and tested in-house at AWE
    • Perfect fitment, guaranteed
N/A V8s appreciate optimal breathability. Que the AWE S-FLO Intake…

Power for every budget, and a simple upgrade path when you’re ready

The AWE S-FLO Intake Suite is available as the full kit with carbon cover or piece-by-piece. Start with the S-FLO Filter, later upgrade to an S-FLO Intake (“filter on a stick”), then add the S-FLO Carbon Cover for the full experience. Or, go full S-FLO Carbon Intake from the jump. The decision is yours:

The S-FLO Carbon Intake

For drivers looking for an intake that not only performs but also looks good doing it, the AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake is the one. The S-FLO Carbon Intake is comprised of three primary components: (1) The washable S-FLO Filter and (2) our high-flow, 4-ply Nomex®, fluorosilicone lined, steel wire reinforced silicon air tube, and (3) the 2×2 twill carbon fiber cover.

By deploying the fully enclosed S-FLO Carbon Intake, the ambient ram-air is drawn into the inlet and fed beneath the S-FLO’s carbon cover, keeping it cool compared to an open-element configuration susceptible to engine bay temperatures. Keeping this ambient ram-air cool results in impressive power gains filtered through the AWE S-FLO Intake.

The AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake includes the S-FLO Carbon Cover, S-FLO Intake, S-FLO Filter, and all necessary brackets and mounting hardware.

The S-FLO Intake

The AWE S-FLO Intake packs the same power as the full carbon intake, minus the carbon. The AWE S-FLO Intake is comprised of two key components: (1) The washable S-FLO Filter and (2) our high-flow, 4-ply Nomex®, fluorosilicone lined, steel wire reinforced silicone air tube. Together, it’s a free-flowing match made in heaven, allowing optimal flow geometry through the inlet, center section, and outlet of the tube, keeping things tight with our custom-molded lip for a perfect seal to the airbox.

The AWE S-FLO Intake includes the AWE S-FLO Intake hose, S-FLO Filter, and all required hardware for installation.

The S-FLO Filter

The S-FLO Filter is the largest filter that can fit within the factory air-box, and is also our bespoke filter of choice for all 4.2 S-FLO packages. The AWE S-FLO Filter is a proprietary, washable, dry media, large cylindrical filter that has been tested to allow up to 34% more airflow than the factory paper filter.

The AWE S-FLO Filter includes

The entirety of the 3.0T S-FLO lineup was designed and tested on AWE in-house vehicles, and are cost effective, incredibly attractive upgrades to bring the power!

Please note:  AWE S-FLO Intakes are for racing use only.

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Weight4.80 kg
Dimensions66.802 × 52.32 × 50.54 cm
Intake Option

S-FLO Carbon Intake, S-FLO Carbon Cover, S-FLO Intake, S-FLO Replacement Filter


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