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Presenting the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit. Cast End Tanks. Carbon Fiber Shrouds. Backed by AWE Tuning R&D. If you’re serious about consistent and proven power, read on.

Why we developed this kit

The stock 2.7T intercoolers become a power handicap at high boost levels, which is not surprising considering that the stock 2.7T boost level is just 8-9 psi. Every performance software on the market, let alone an upgraded turbo kit, runs almost double this boost level. This results in tangible power losses, especially when outside temperatures rise.

When investigating intercoolers, ask for data that demonstrates how the kit will perform at 20psi boost levels, which is the norm for most current 2.7T turbo kits. If you are running less boost than this, then you can rest assured that there is sufficient headroom in the design should you decide to upgrade turbos one day.

About the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit

The tested AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit design uses a closely stacked bar and plate type core, to minimize pressure drops while maximizing heat transfer. Our design target was to exceed the cooling and flow capabilities of Audi RS4 intercoolers — and through this proven design, we have accomplished this (See detailed test results in the Performance Specs tab). In summary, the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler equals the RS4 intercooler flow rates, and definitively conquers the RS4 intercooler temperature drops.

Tested. Hard.

The construction of the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit is of the highest quality –  Efficient cast end tanks are used to ensure maximum flow, and each intercooler assembly is pressure checked before it leaves our manufacturing facility. And in 2012, AWE Tuning introduced carbon fiber shrouds to the mix, producing a lighter, and more aesthetically appealing kit as well.

The bulk of our side mount intercooler testing was conducted on S4s with the AWE Tuning RSK04 kit installed. This is important to consider, given that as boost rises, so will boost drop due to core restriction. Thus, an intercooler can perform well at relatively low boost levels, but can begin to perform worse than stock if the boost drop is high enough to negate any gains seen from temperature drops.


Not only did we want the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit to be clearly superior to the RS4 unit performance, but we also wanted to take the opportunity to design a kit that required very little modification to the US spec Audi 2.7T models during fitment. The RS4 intercooler units are made to fit the Europe only RS4, and mating them to a US spec 2.7T model requires significant cutting of both the intercoolers and the vehicle itself. Our design can be fitted in less than half the time of the typical RS4 kit. This means paying less for labor charges.

Since RS4 units were never intended to be used on the US S4 chassis, extensive modifying or tweaking of the areas around the intercoolers is needed to force fitment. The AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit was designed and built to fit the US S4 chassis, resulting in a much better, cleaner fit with very little modification required.

Some key fitment detail differences between the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit and the RS4 “kits:”

  • 100% coverage of the core face with AWE Tuning Carbon Fiber air ducts. RS4 kits leave gaps around face that lets cooling air escape
  • No modification is needed to the engine belly tray with our design
  • Cores are secure and supported

Note: minor trimming may be required. Be sure to refer to the installation instructions


The AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit comes complete with two AWE Tuning Performance Intercoolers, AWE Tuning carbon fiber shrouds (air ducts) and a detailed installation manual. No special tools are required for installation.

The AWE Tuning carbon fiber shrouds are also available independently, should you already have the AWE Tuning Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Set and like to upgrade your

Why not an FMIC for the 2.7T?

Years ago, we were quite successful with a front-mounted intercooler system for the S4 installed on the Blitzkreig Beast, holder of the fastest K03 turbo 1/4 mile record.

However, to fit an intercooler core that was larger than just the cumulative volume of both side-mounted intercoolers, an RS4 bumper had to be fitted, along with significant modification to the radiator support. The number of alterations required to fit a front-mounted intercooler that had superior performance over dual-side intercoolers practically made it a custom one-off installation.

In order to make a front mount intercooler, a simple bolt-in design meant seriously compromising its performance characteristics, which we were unwilling to do. To fit behind an unmodified stock 2.7T front bumper, the intercooler core dimensions had to be reduced significantly. Extensive cutting of the front bumper was not worth the safety compromise in our analysis, given that the vast majority of our clients drive their S4s on public roads.

A brief synopsis of the currently available intercoolers for the Audi 2.7T models:

Additional information

Weight4.80 kg
Dimensions66.802 × 52.32 × 50.54 cm
Intercooler Options

Intercooler Kit with Carbon Fiber Shrouds, Carbon Fiber Shrouds Only, Set of Two


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