Alpha Performance Porsche Drop In Air Filter – 2017-2018 Porsche Macan


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NOTE: Only includes 1 filter.

Each Alpha Performance Porsche Drop-In Air Filter flows an incredible 640 cubic feet of air a minute. The filtration media is tested using the ISO 5011 Fine Testing Standard to a minimum of 97% efficiency rating.

The Alpha Performance Filters are made with materials specifically designed for automotive applications. They consist of a synthetic non-woven multi-layer structure. The filter does NOT use oil or chemicals of any kind to aid filtration and will not degrade over time with exposure to varying temperatures and humidity like similar cotton based filters. This creates consistent performance between cleanings over the lifetime of the filter. The filter is easily cleaned by blowing compressed air across the media from the inside out to blow off residual dirt and dust.

Alpha Performance Porsche Drop-In Air Filter FEATURES

  • High-Flow, Dry Media Filter (No Filter Oil Required)
  • Direct Factory Replacement in the Stock Airbox
  • No Tuning Required – Works with Stock or Stage 1 Off The Shelf Map

More Air In Equals More Horsepower Out! The new Alpha Performance Porsche Macan High-Flow Air Filters are exactly what your performance SUV needs to take deep breaths and produce more power! Simply dropping this filter into your Porsche’s stock air box alone quickens throttle response and livens up the top of the powerband.

Combine these filters with the Stage 1 Off The Shelf maps using the Accessport for maximum power gains with minimal modification.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 35 cm


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PorscheMacan2017Turbo - 3.6L

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