ACT XACT Flywheel Prolite – 1990-1995 Mazda RX-7 & 1993-2011 RX-8



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600140 is a Prolite flywheel, which is ACT’s lighter flywheel offering with the lowest inertia. Prolite flywheels are designed for best throttle response and acceleration. Prolite flywheels are preferred for road racing or rally racing and have reduced drivability. Materials are properly distributed for maximum strength, good heat tolerance, and rigidity. ACT flywheels are serviceable and can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts.

Feel: Dramatically improved engine response and acceleration, mild to moderate gear rattle;

Life: Heat-treated forging for strength and toughness, induction-hardened ring gears for maximum life;

Quality: One piece construction allows less opportunity for failure and provides uniform efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc. No more warped inserts or loose ring gears;

Recommended Use: Recommended for race use;

ACT Difference: Forged, CNC machined and dynamically computer balanced for smooth high RPM reliability;

NOTE: Flywheel requires counterweight (not included). Flywheel bolts included (10MM X 1.25 X 20mm). Pressure plate bolts included (M8 x 20 961-10.9).

Weight: 11.8lbs
SFI: 1.1
Flywheel Tooth Count: 125
Warranty (Product Warranty): 12 Months

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Weight11.25 kg
Dimensions36 × 35 × 7 cm


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Models suitable for this product

MazdaRX-71990 - 1991Base Turbo - 1.3L
MazdaRX-71992 - 1993Base Twin Turbo - 1.3L
MazdaRX-71995Base Twin Turbo - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82004 - 2006Base - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82005Shinka Special Edition - 1.3L
MazdaRX-8200840th Anniversary - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82008 - 2009Touring - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82008 - 2011Grand Touring - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82008 - 2011Sport - 1.3L
MazdaRX-82009 - 2011R3 - 1.3L

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