ACT 4 Pad Rigid Race Disc – 13-15 Acura ILX, 02-06 RSX, 04-14 TSX, 03-12 Honda Accord & 02-15 Civic



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4214010A is a 4-pad rigid race disc made with high quality, ceramic friction materials. The disc engagement is harsher, but shifting is faster. The race disc features top grade rivets to securely fasten the part together. The rivet design and materials are carefully selected for maximum strength. The 4-pad rigid race disc is well-suited for the smaller disc sizes in smaller engines.

Feel: Aggressive engagement, quickest shifts, increased gear rattle;

Life: Premium ceramic friction materials provide moderate wear rates and high heat tolerance, rigid design may increase spline wear;

Quality: Lightweight rigid design, chromoly hub is heat-treated for strength and durability;

Recommended Use: Recommended for race use only;

ACT Difference: High burst strength and holds 28% more torque than typical organic materials;

Disc Material: Ceramic
Product Warranty: 12 months

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Weight2.25 kg
Dimensions32 × 31 × 5 cm


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Models suitable for this product

AcuraILX2013 - 2015Base - 2.0L
AcuraRSX2002 - 2006Base 2.0L
AcuraRSX2002 - 2006Type-S 2.0L
AcuraTSX2004 - 2014Base 2.4L
AcuraTSX2012 - 2014Special Edition 2.4L
HondaAccord2003DX - 2.4L
HondaAccord2003EX Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2003EX Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2003LX Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2003LX Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005DX Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005 - 2006LX Special Edition - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005 - 2007LX Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005 - 2012EX Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005EX PZEV Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005EX PZEV Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005 - 2012EX Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005LX 2dr Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005LX PZEV Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005LX PZEV Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005LX Special Edition PZEV - 2.4L
HondaAccord2005Value Package Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2006 - 2007LX Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2007 - 2012EX-L Coupe - 2.4L
HondaAccord2007 - 2012EX-L Sedan - 2.4L
HondaAccord2007Special Edition - 2.4L
HondaAccord2008 - 2012LX - 2.4L
HondaAccord2008 - 2012LX-P - 2.4L
HondaAccord2008 - 2012LX-S - 2.4L
HondaAccord2010LX Manul - 2.4L
HondaAccord2011SE - 2.4L
HondaCivic2002 - 2006Si - 2.0L
HondaCivic2007 - 2011Si Coupe - 2.0L
HondaCivic2007 - 2011Si Sedan - 2.0L
HondaCivic2008MUGEN Si - 2.0L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Si Coupe - 2.4L
HondaCivic2012 - 2015Si Sedan - 2.4L

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