RocknSTi’s 390WHP Rotated GTX3076R Turbo 2013 STi

One of our recently finished builds was this 2013 Subaru STi that came to us with a ringland failure and blown turbo. The owner, Rocco, wanted to go a little further then just fixing the motor so we put together a build list that included a Perrin Performance GTX3076R along with all the supporting mods as well as a built motor. When it came to the engine bay we wanted to change up the typical wrinkle red powder coat on the Perrin FMIC piping. After some discussion we decided on a Takata green to match the seats and harnesses already in the car. The car made 390WHP and 375WTQ with the factory header on a safe tune. With a header we’d expect to hit over 400whp and 400wtq no problem.

Build List
-Perrin GTX3076R Rotated Turbo Kit
-Built Engine – Minor PnP work on the exhaust ports
-Perrin FMIC Kit
-IAG Performance Competition AOS
-Perrin Performance FPR
-DW300c Fuel Pump
-Custom Green and Black Powder Coating
-ACT HDSS Clutch Kit
-Innovate Motorsports MTX-D Oil Pressure/Oil Temp Gauge
-Innovate Motorsports PSB-1 Boost/Wideband Gauge


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