Dyno Tune Thursday – Stock vs. Stage 1+ on a 2011 WRX

Here’s a back to back comparison dyno on a 2011 Subaru WRX showing the gains of it 100% stock and then after adding the AEM Intake and flashing the Stage 1+ map.  The turbo wasn’t reaching target boost and we didn’t have time to run the HWG map.  We would have expected to see another 20 WTQ and WHP gain if it was hitting target boost which is 17PSI tapering to 12PSI.  The gains down low are great for an intake and off the shelf map.

Event: Dyno Tune
Location: Touge Tuning, Mississauga Ontario
Ambient Temp:
Elevation: 249 ft.
Car: 2011 Subaru WRX
Tuner: Sasha from OnPoint Dyno
Dyno Info: Dynapack
Transmission: 5-speed
Gear: 4th
Peak HP at RPM: 229 @ 5900RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected –
Peak Torque at RPM: 278 @ 3550RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2010 STi on same dyno: 228WHP/240WTQ
Target Boost: 17PSI
Fuel: Petro 94

Mod List:
-COBB OTS Stage 1+ AEM Map
-AEM Intake


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