Dyno Tune Thursday – External Wastegate 2013 STi breaks 300WHP

This 2013 Subaru STi made great power with the inclusion of an external wastegate and fueling upgrades to support the increased airflow.  If you’re looking to maximize the power on your turbo car it is important to remove exhaust restriction and have plenty of fuel to meet the demands of the engine.

Event: Dyno Tune
Location: Touge Tuning, Mississauga Ontario
Ambient Temp:
Elevation: 249 ft.
Car: 2013 Subaru WRX STi
Tuner: Sasha from OnPoint Dyno
Dyno Info: Dynapack
Transmission: 6-speed
Gear: 4th
Peak HP at RPM: 304 @ 5450RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected –
Peak Torque at RPM: 310 @ 4250RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2010 STi on same dyno: 228WHP/240WTQ
Target Boost: 19PSI
Fuel: Petro 94

Mod List:
-OnPoint Dyno Pro-Tune
-Catless Turboback exhaust
-EWG UpPipe set-up
-3-Port EBCS
-Fuel Pump


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