2015 WRX Project Northstar – Stage 2+ Dyno Graph

ChrisTouge June 5, 2016 Comments: 3

So it’s been a long winter and there hasn’t really been any updates to the car over the winter. It ran great through the winter and the few days of snow we had I took it out for some fun in the snow. So with spring upon us it was time to make some upgrades to the car for the upcoming track season. But before we jump into that I wanted to get around to posting the dyno graph from last year of the final stage 2 set-up that I’ve been running. As previously mentioned going from catless with stock cat-back to catted with aftermarket cat-back gained a little power but a huge amount. This is probably balanced out by the cat being a restriction but the cat-back being less of a restriction compared to the stock cat-back. So below is the dyno graph which shows the WRX made 285WHP and just under 330WTQ.

Event: Dyno
Location: Touge Tuning, Mississauga Ontario
Ambient Temp: Summer 2015
Elevation: 249 ft.
Weather: Hot
Car: 2015 Subaru WRX
Tuner: Sasha from OnPoint Dyno
Dyno Info: Dynapack
Transmission: Stock 6 speed
Gear: 4th
Stage 2 Peak HP at RPM: 285 @ 5375RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Stage 1 OTS Peak Torque at RPM: 329 @ 3100RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Stock Peak HP at RPM: 212 @ 4900RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Stock Peak Torque at RPM: 250 @ 2500RPM – SAE J1349 (2004) Corrected
Baseline HP/TQ for Stock 2010 STi on same dyno: 228WHP/240WTQ
Target Boost: 21PSI Tapering
Fuel: 94 Octane Petro Canada

Mod List
-AEM Intake
-Turn In Concepts TGV Deletes
-Grimmspeed 3-Port EBCS
-Invidia Catted J-Pipe
-COBB Cat-Back


The car has been on this same tune since it was done and I haven’t had a chance to check the carbon build up on the intake ports which i’m hoping isn’t too bad and hasn’t hurt power too much.  In the coming weeks I am considering changing to the catless j-pipe again, adding the Killer B TMIC and possibly methanol injection.  We’ll update the dyno at that time for the upgrades and see what happens.

Thanks to these companies that are helping with this Project
COBB Tuning – COBB AccessPORT and COBB Cat-Back
Mad Graphics – Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap and Side Graphics
Grimmspeed – License Plate Relocation Kit, Lightweight Crank Pulley
Turn In Concepts – Shifter Bearing and TGV Deletes
Killer B Motorsports – J-Pipe
OnPoint Dyno – Dyno Tuning and Testing
Uni-Body Collision – Paint Work (Emblems, Lip, Trunk Spoiler)
StopTech – Front Big Brake Kit
IAG Performance – Street Air/Oil Separator
Kartboy – Short Shifter Arm


3 thoughts on “2015 WRX Project Northstar – Stage 2+ Dyno Graph

  • Hey guys, your project update blogs are awesome and the WRX is looking great. Is the WRX still on the stock rear brakes with the BBK up front or have you changed anything?

  • Very nice results! I’ve also heard great things about the Killer B TMIC.

    Looking forward to future results for Project Northstar!


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