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2015 WRX Project Northstar – Killer B Catless J-Pipe

Continuing on with the power stuff we next added a catless Killer B J-Pipe and Intermediate Pipe to the car. As with most turbo cars the exhaust is usually one of the biggest restrictions to making more horespower and torque. Like most Killer B products the J-Pipe fit pretty much perfect and the quality is very good. The most difficult part was removing the factory J-Pipe to Turbo nuts/Studs which we’ve seen before pose big issues. We had to really heat up the studs with our torch in order to get things apart and we’d recommend either having new nuts/studs or replacing the studs with bolts when doing this job. Once that was out of the way the new pipes went on nicely and with the supplied graphite gaskets were able to seal up with the factory cat-back system. One thing I noted while doing the install is the factory cat-back does not have the typical resonator in the mid-pipe like previous generations.

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2015 WRX Project Northstar – TGV & AEM Intake Dyno Tuning

While doing the Initial dyno tuning we also did Turn In Concepts TGV Deletes which were very easy to do. It shouldn’t take even an inexperienced person more then 1.5 hours to do these. With the EJ Series the TGV Deletes required full removal of the intake manifold which is a very involved job and was costly. In this case it is very quick and painless to do the TGV’s on the FA20DIT. When we first did this in February we ran into an issue where the COBB Pro software was not saving the codes being turned off so we ran the car with the TiC Provided OTS map. After some back and forth with COBB the code issue was resolved and we were able to do a quick tune for the TGV’s ony. While there are many skeptics on the internet about these I think the dyno results speak for themselves with this mod.

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Project Blue Sky – Supercharged BRZ Part 2 – Exhaust Upgrades!

Moving on to the exhaust system we installed a header, overpipe, catted front pipe, and cat-back. Let’s first start off with the cat-back portion. After some discussion we felt the Invidia’s sound and quality made the most sense and visually the Blue Titanium Burned tips would look great on the white paint.  Here’s the stock exhaust to start…

Although the stock exhaust isn’t a bad system, there are a few good reasons to install a new exhaust. For this car in particular, it will be seeing more condensed air going into the engine. At Touge, balance of a car is crucial. Denser air in, means more exhaust coming out. An aftermarket performance exhaust like the Invidia Q300 will provide a more free flowing exit of the exhaust gasses. If you do not have a SC kit or have plans to get one, an aftermarket exhaust adds a nicer exhaust sound as well as much prettier rear end aesthetics.  

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2015 WRX Project Northstar – Dyno Baseline & Stage 1 Power

This has been a long time coming but I’m happy to finally be able to post this up and help all my fellow 2015 WRX owners with making decisions on increasing the power of their cars. We took a methodical approach of adding 1 part at a time and doing a basic tune for each part so we could see the change each piece made. Thanks go out to OnPoint Dyno as always for providing us the dyno and tuning expertise. Before going further I want to make a note about how to look at dyno’s and understand things. With so many graphs floating around the internet it is very important to remember that every dyno is different and although I cannot speak for others it is imperative for us to show REAL results with no tampering. While in some cases this produces less then “jaw dropping” numbers it is reality and we prefer to be up front and honest.

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Project Blue Sky – Supercharged BRZ Part 1

Welcome to Project Blue Sky. This is a project we’ve been looking forward to doing since we first sat down with the owner. Since the Subaru BRZ & Scion FR-S hit the showrooms, the cars have been an instant success. The handling, chassis dynamics and overall balance of the car is spot on. The people asked for an affordable back to basics rear wheel drive sports car and Subaru & Toyota have delivered.

But, and it’s a big but, is the unfortunate stock power output of the engine. Professional reviewers, publications and owners alike all expressed that if this car had another 50-60 horsepower from the showroom, it would be perfect…and we agree.  But we also realize that this was likely the goal all along.  Create a solid platform for which the aftermarket industry could build upon adding power, brakes and other upgrades as needed.  To put it simply,

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Project Blackout – Winter Engine Build Part 1

After a very successful first season racing campaign, Corwyn decided Project Blackout needed to be taken to another level.  We had already discussed most of the plans but things finally were set in motion after the season was done. With the sights on defending his Street AWD Championship in 2015, and the prediction that the competition will be more fierce the following year, we decided to spice up Project Blackout.

These are the main items we decided to do over the winter:

– ARP – Head Studs
– ARP – Case Bolts
– Cosworth – Head Gaskets
– Manley H-Tuff Connecting Rods
– Mahle Pistons
– King Race Bearings
– Garrett GTX3076r with TiAL V-Band Turbine Housing (SwainTech Coated Turbine Housing)
– PTP Turbo Small T3 Flanged Turbo Blanket – Lava
– ETS Equal Length Header (SwainTech Coated and PTP Lava Wrapped)

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